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“ Dr. Guy and her staff are the Greatest! They are a huge part of my beauty routine.”
“Dr. Guy gave me back the confidence I needed after two children.”
“ When I was looking for a doctor I thought, wow what luck! I actually have the very best doctor right here in my hometown. I felt like she has given me the body I’ve always strived for and I deserve it.”- Anna
“Dr. Guy is more than just a talented surgeon: she has the abilty to visualize and bring out your inner beauty. I really feel like a sparkling star every day, she has helped me to be able to shine!”-Tia Rossana
“Dr. Guy is one of the best decisions I have ever made, She reinforced my personal belief that the best investment one can make is in themselves she has changed my live.”-Tia Rossan
“ Dr. Guy and her staff are the most professional and kind individuals I have ever had the privilege  to know. From the day my consultation was scheduled to the conclusion of my procedure I truly felt like I was being treated like family. That is the word that comes the closest  to describe my experience. I was made to feel so comfortable and most of all very safe. I am truly happy and excited to have chosen her. I consider plastic surgery to be an investment and I will continue to visit and recommend Dr. Guy for any future procedures over the years!”- Trish Cowling
“ In 2009, I had a lump in my breast that no one but me seemed concerned about. Dr. guy was the first physician that took my concern seriously, removed the lump, which did prove to be cancer. Dr Guy helped save my life and I am eternally grateful.” – Dawn Faust
Dr Guy inspires confidence. Her judgement is flawless. She is absolutely the best at what she does.”