Facials in Melbourne, FL

Have you ever had a facial?

If you have never had the opportunity to have a facial by a licensed aesthetician, you really owe it to yourself!  Not only is it a relaxing, pampering and stress relieving experience, it is also therapeutic and good for your skin.  Here at Brevard Plastic Surgery and Skin Treatment Center, we are very interested in beautiful, luminescent skin.  Rachel Asfar and Norah Chouinard are our two fantastic aestheticians who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise about how you can treat your skin the best and bring out the best color, vibrancy, clarity and beauty.  Along with a good skin care product home regimen, routine facials every few weeks keep the skin balanced and allow the professional aestheticians to look at your skin and work with your skin, using magnification, to assess your skin’s condition and recommend treatments.

What does a facial actually accomplish?

During a facial the skin is cleansed, then exfoliated to get off the top dead skin layers and then the pores are extracted of their impurities, allowing them to shrink.  Soothing skin care products are used on the face to maximize these procedures.  Next, the skin is stimulated with topical products and the face, back, shoulder and neck are massaged, to bring nourishing blood flow to carry away impurities.  The aestheticians then decide what special treatment is needed in your particular case.  Because the face is now ready and the pores are open to accept such products as special masks of antioxidants, growth factors, skin brighteners, retinoids, fruit acids, etc.  The skin is then moisturized, depending on the person’s needs and then protected with sunscreens and moisture retainers.  These facials last 60 to 90 minutes and, during that time, you will be treated to a beautiful spa room, soft music, dim lighting and a relaxing spa bed with warm heating pads and covers.  It is pure bliss!!

Be sure to find out about our specialty facials, which treat such things as acne, abnormal pigment, dryness and other skin problems.  Special facial peels can be added to enhance the therapies.  There is a facial for every skin type and every skin problem.

Dr. Guy has made it a point to visit spas all over the world, acquire skin care knowledge and then to make sure that the facials performed at Brevard Plastic Surgery and Skin Treatment Center are the best anywhere.  Right here at home is her favorite place for a facial!!!  It should be your favorite place, too!!!