Breast Implant Removal in Melbourne, FL

Breast implants are an excellent option for women seeking larger, fuller breasts. Implants are created with longevity in mind, and although implants are designed to be durable, they do wear down over time and eventually may require replacement. Some women desire implant removal after the process of aging or weight fluctuations begin to change the appearance of the breasts. Even the most satisfactory breast augmentation results can ultimately decrease in allure when external factors have a negative impact on the look and texture of implants. Women looking to remove their breast implants altogether can undergo an implant removal, which is a safe technique for extracting the silicone or saline implants previously placed to enhance your bust. Also known as explantation, this process is delicate and unique to every individual’s situation. Implant removal is ideal for women preferring a full implant removal rather than replacing them, thus eliminating the possibility that they may need to be removed or revised again. Dr. Roxanne J. Guy, MD, FACS, has over 30 years of experience in the plastic surgery field and utilizes advanced technology and expertise to provide patients with the best results.

Candidates for Implant Removal

Health-related components, a change in breast preference, or a new personal hobby may change your opinion regarding your breast implants. Adopting a more active lifestyle, including horseback riding, running, or any vigorous exercise that disturbs the breasts can become tedious and painful with large breast implants. Dr. Guy will evaluate your body during your consultation to discuss your preferences and determine what techniques are recommended. Ideal candidates for breast implant removal may include women who are:

  • In good health and maintain a stable weight
  • Unhappy with the appearance of their breast implants
  • Dissatisfied with the weight of their implants
  • No longer satisfied with the current size of their breast implants
  • At a place in their life where the implants are no longer important to them

Removal Procedure

Implant removal is commonly performed as an outpatient procedure and begins with administering general anesthesia. An incision is made either on the breast fold or along the lower areola to extract the implant. Scar tissue surrounding the implant is gently removed to avoid potential hardening in the breast. Every implant removal process is carefully executed to ensure the best results. For some women, a breast lift can be combined with the implant removal method to reshape and reposition the natural breast tissue for improved cleavage. Another optional technique to incorporate with implant removal is fat grafting to enhance the breasts after implant removal, providing curvy, natural-looking breasts. By removing fat from another location on the body, it is purified and inserted into the breasts for added volume. Occasionally, the implants can be removed in a simple office procedure under local anesthesia. In this case, the surrounding scar tissue capsule would not be removed. For this reason, the patient would need a full evaluation from Dr. Guy before determining if that procedure would be an option for that patient.

Recovery Process

Compression bandages will be applied to the chest and worn the first few days following surgery. Occasionally, drains are placed and removed after just a few days. Slight bruising, swelling, and mild soreness may be present after your procedure but should reduce within one week. Oral pain medications can be prescribed to assist in your recovery and provide comfort. Activities and exercise should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks. Pressure on the breasts should be prevented until you are fully recovered. The healing process will be expedited if you abstain from smoking and follow post-surgery instructions carefully.


After breast implant removal, your breasts will be reduced in size, and you will no longer have synthetic implants. Your ultimate appearance will depend upon how much of your own breast tissue is present and how much breast sagging you may have experienced over time, if any. Fat grafting and breast lift options allow for more natural volume and higher positioned breasts. Although the aging process will continue, your implant removal results are long lasting.