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Would You Let Your Wife Do Your Facelift?

How Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon, Roxanne Guy M.D. Took Her Husband Under the Knife 

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A Match Made In Medical School

A Couple That Stays Together Goes Under the Blade Together

Results, Recovery, and Renewal

Ready for Your Own Slice? Curt Guy’s Words of Advice

The Story Continues…


He was a medical photographer when they first met. In fact, it might have been Curt Guy’s keen eyes that caught notice of Roxanne Bowman that day he passed through the school hallway to see her intently sculpting an ear from clay. She was the first-year general surgery resident at Southern Illinois University, honing her artistry and craft of the human anatomy in the medical arts room before she would one day become one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons. Little did she know, she would not only rise to one of the most acclaimed in her field but also be a trailblazer, becoming the first female president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (the largest plastic surgery organization in the world).Dr. Guy and Curt Guy on their bikes near the water.

A Match Made In Medical School

In 1976, before that long journey ahead, Curt had his eyes set on his very own victory—getting a date with Roxanne. Luckily for him, the medical arts facility and the medical photography facility were connected by that very same hallway in which he first saw her. 

After he asked the head medical illustrator who he saw that day, the next step was earning enough money to take her out. Curt had just transitioned from an intern to a full-time employee capturing photographs for the medical school. Unfortunately, because they only paid him once a month, he needed to wait four weeks until his first paycheck. When he mentioned this situation to his boss, his boss offered to pay him early, but Curt honorably refused. Instead, Curt worked hard, perfecting his skills and providing his talents as a resource to the medical community.

When his first paycheck finally came, he asked Roxanne Bowman out for what would be the first of many dates. 

A Couple That Stays Together Goes Under the Blade Together 

Before and after facelift performed by Dr. GuyIn 1980, the two were married, and since then have worked their entire lives together. Curt began managing Roxanne’s practice as well as applying his photography expertise towards helping their patients. Time went on, and he began to study and realize the brilliance of his wife’s work. 

While he also considered the possibility of an eventual facelift when the time was right, it was the facelift of a local dentist whose results were so remarkable that they pushed Curt to ask his wife if she could do him. “It was the most perfect facelift I’ve ever seen,” he exclaimed, “when it’s my turn, I want one like his.” 

Sure enough, Dr. Guy said yes and put him on the practice schedule to get rid of the unflattering jowls in his face and the turkey neck below his chin. “I’m an avid cycler,” Curt shared, but he knew no amount of fitness and diet could erase his signs of aging. In addition, Curt was well aware there would be no pain involved due to the expertise of his wife, which only excited him more at the thought of his results. 

Once operation day finally arrived, Dr. Guy gave her husband a full facelift, addressing his cheeks, neck, jowls, and upper and lower eyelids in one efficient procedure. Dr. Guy masterfully hid Curt’s incisions above, behind and around the ear, tucking them into the back of his head and hairline for indiscernible scars. 

Results, Recovery, and Renewal 

After his surgery, Curt devoted his time entirely to the healing process, becoming the model patient when it came to recovery. He didn’t do much for the first 3 to 4 days, icing his face with gel packs to reduce swelling and giving himself plenty of rest. 

Curt found the healing process to be somewhat uneventful in comparison to the fractional lasers that previously left his skin feeling raw for 7 to 10 days. Curt also attributed his speedy healing to the fact that he didn’t overwork his body with strenuous activity; instead, allowing the bulk of his body’s energy to be devoted to healing and reducing swelling. Before and after showing the results of a brow lift performed by Dr. Guy

While Curt’s good health and fervent exercise did wonders for his recovery, it was his wife’s precision and prowess as an acclaimed artisan of aesthetics that took his youthful vibrancy to new heights. 

Now, when Curt reveals his actual age of 65 to friends and other physicians, they are amazed he isn’t actually in his mid-40s. Additionally, his results look so natural and authentic that people are even more impressed when he tells them his wife performed such a seamless facelift.   

“I knew I wanted my wife to perform the surgery on me, but I didn’t know if she would do it. When I asked, and she said she would, I was thrilled, because, over the years, I’ve seen many of her patients pre- and post-op and know the caliber of her work,” – Curt Guy. 

Ready for Your Own Slice? Curt Guy’s Words of Advice 

Curt Guy’s only regret is that he’d wished he had received his facelift sooner. Curt says that men and women want to live active, spirited, and radiant lives. Men should be no different in the pursuit of charm and liveliness in all aspects of their life, including their appearance. 

If a person starts early, they can maintain their youthful look instead of combatting the signs of aging. Most patients want a rejuvenating and revitalizing transformation instead of an exaggerated one. By conserving the youth you already have with a facelift, you can avoid this.  Dr. Guy and Curt Guy riding their bikes after his facelift surgery.

The Story Continues…

For years, Dr. Roxanne Guy and Curt Guy’s passion for aesthetic excellence is what has encouraged timeless beauty. Together, they uphold award-winning standards and integrity-driven criteria that are at the forefront of the cosmetic industry. 

To some, it might seem strange to have your wife perform your surgery; however, it is both their decades of discipline and commitment that transformed the ordinary to extraordinary. 

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