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Why Are Facelifts Usually Performed With Other Procedures?

Facelift surgery continues to be among the top procedures patients turn to when they want to turn back the clock and erase visible signs of aging since it’s a tried-and-true way of getting rid of deep sagging, excess skin, deep creases, and wrinkles.

It’s also not uncommon for skilled surgeons like Dr. Guy to combine facelift surgery with other procedures like a neck lift to achieve the patient’s ultimate rejuvenation goals.

Neck lift surgery is used to refresh the neck, lower chin, and jawline areas by correcting:

  • Fat deposits on neck and chin
  • Loose or drooping neck and lower facial muscles
  • Muscle banding

006_facelift_a-wpcf.006_facelift_a-2-wpcf-blog-ba-imgWhy Are Neck Lifts and Facelifts Combined?

Neck lift surgery is similar enough to a facelift that some patients may think there’s no need to undergo one when you are getting the other.

But combining a neck lift with a facelift is commonplace for surgeons all over the country. Patients who have trouble with skin laxity on the face tend to also experience issues along the neck, so it is sensible to treat both areas at the same time.

In fact, getting a neck lift without facelift is becoming increasingly rare, since one without the other may leave results that look unbalanced (e.g., having a “turkey neck” on an otherwise youthful face). Getting a neck lift and a facelift together helps to ensure patients get the youthful contours they truly desire.

How Are Neck Lifts Performed?

Neck lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Incisions usually start in the hairline near the ears. From there, there are a few different types of incisions Dr. Guy uses to perform neck lift surgery:

Traditional Neck Lift

Incisions begin along the hairline near the sideburns and continue down and around the ear and into the back of the hairline. Skin and muscles are shifted and tightened, and Dr. Guy removes any excess skin before the incisions are closed up.

Limited Incision Neck Lift

This method uses a small incision right by the ear, an ideal technique for patients who need minimal correction or want to avoid visible scars.

Anterior Neck Lift

Dr. Guy uses incisions on the front of the neck, below the chin. This method—which leaves the most visible scars—is typically recommended to correct the aging neck when the patient is not a candidate for general anesthesia and is willing to accept the more visible scars.

A facelift and neck lift surgery combined typically takes several hours for Dr. Guy to perform. Following the surgery, patients will have their face and chin wrapped in bandages to help with swelling and pain.

There may be surgical tubes for the first few days after the procedure. Patients will have to keep their head elevated during recovery to help speed up the process and ease swelling. Final results should be apparent after about two to three weeks, depending on the patient.


What Are the Benefits of Neck Lift and Facelift Surgery?

There is simply no way to ignore the restorative effects of a neck lift and a facelift combined—it’s obvious as patients come out of recovery looking more refreshed than they have in years.

Neck lifts are also highly customizable procedures that play well with others. They are commonly performed alongside brow lifts, eyelid lifts, and of course, facelifts to drastically revitalize patients. With good sun protection and skin care, results last for many years.


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