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Should I Get a Mini Lift or a Full Facelift?

When you are looking into facial rejuvenation procedures, it is likely that you will find a lot of information, and you may not know which approach will best address the issues you are dealing with. While Dr. Guy will help you decide which procedure (or combination of procedures) is best for you during your consultation, it is always helpful to know a bit about your options before your appointment.

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Why Surgery?

While there are non-surgical solutions to many facial aging concerns, they may not give you the dramatic results you are looking for. They also require regular treatments to maintain those results. A surgical solution will give you the dramatic results you are looking for without the need for recurring touch-up appointments.

Full Facelift

Traditional facelift surgery is used to lift and tighten weakened tissues, muscles, and skin in the lower and midface, and is often combined with procedures such as eyelid surgery, a neck lift or a brow lift. Incisions are usually made behind one ear, up over the top of your head, and behind the other ear. From there, Dr. Guy will tighten the skin and underlying muscles and tissues. Once the skin has been tightened, any excess will be trimmed away. The recovery time after facelift surgery typically lasts a few weeks, although many patients can return to work within 14 days.

A full facelift is ideal for patients who need extensive correction of facial aging. The surgery can address issues like sagging and deep creases. While it is an invasive procedure, the results can last 10 years without the need for other treatments, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and limit sun exposure.

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Mini Lift

A mini facelift is similar to a traditional facelift, but gives more subtle results and involves the use of smaller incisions. Mini lifts are performed when a patient only needs correction of mild to moderate sagging and creases in the midface. The recovery period after a mini lift is shorter than a full facelift, and the results will last around 5 years. Once your mini lift is complete, you may wish to have a non-surgical treatment like injectable fillers to enhance your results.

Whatever your concerns are, there is likely to be a cosmetic solution. With her expertise in cosmetic facial procedures, Dr. Guy will help you figure out exactly what you need to achieve your desired look.

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