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New Implant Warranties Are Covering Capsular Contracture

It can be strange to think about the topic of a warranty policy for breast implants, but, like anything else, a warranty can give women peace of mind in the event of any issues that may occur after their augmentation. Complications from breast implants, while rare, can occur, especially after having had implants for some time. Therefore, breast implant manufacturers include warranties on their implants to ensure women who use them are prepared for anything that may happen.


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Breast implant warranties have typically offered a lifetime of implant replacement in the case of a rupture or a leak. Many companies have now expanded their warranties to give women options for more coverage, including increased coverage options for capsular contracture, one of the most common complications from breast implants. These extended warranties not only provide a longer coverage time and further options, but they may even help women with extra medical costs associated with implant replacement.

Breast implant warranties typically differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but three of the biggest companies in the United States, Mentor®, Sientra®, and Allergan Natrelle®, all offer limited and expanded breast implant warranties, which include coverage for capsular contracture.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a rare complication that can arise from breast implant surgery. As part of the normal healing process, the body will form a “capsule” of scar tissue around the implant after surgery. In the majority of cases, this capsule actually helps prevent slippage by keeping the implant in place. But, in a small number of cases, the scar tissue hardens and begins to contract around the implant, causing hardness, cosmetic issues, and even pain. When this happens, the implant will most likely need to be replaced.

Warranties: What They Can Offer

Breast implant warranties for the three main producers now offer coverage for capsular contracture, although each warranty differs slightly:

  • Mentor®: The company offers a free lifetime replacement warranty for all implants it makes, whether they are saline or silicone. Anyone with Mentor® Breast Implants is automatically enrolled in the company’s protection plan, a 10-year warranty that offers implant replacement and assistance for procedure coverage. The company also includes contralateral (opposite side) implants at no charge. There’s also an enhanced plan that offers extended coverage for an enrollment fee between $200 and $300, depending on the type of implant.
  • Sientra®: This company boasts “the best warranty in the industry,” which offers a free lifetime replacement warranty for all implants in case of rupture and 20 years of free implant replacement due to capsular contracture. The Sientra® warranty also offers up to $5,000 for extra costs related to rupture and $2,000 for extra fees from capsular contracture. The policy also includes contralateral implants free of charge.
  • Allergan Natrelle®: Any patient who receives Allergan Natrelle® silicone implants is automatically enrolled in the company’s ConfidencePlus® warranty program, which offers lifetime replacement for rupture and 10 years replacement for capsular contracture free of charge. Contralateral implants are included in the replacement. The program includes financial assistance for out-of-pocket costs. Allergan Natrelle® also offers an expanded ConfidencePlus® Premier saline warranty program for saline implants at an enrollment cost of $200 that offers further coverage for saline implant patients.

Should I Purchase an Extended Warranty?

The basic warranties offered by all three main manufacturers provide coverage that may be sufficient for most women with breast implants. Depending on the manufacturer and type of implant, you may be able to have your implant replaced free of charge, but it is important that you check your specific policy to know exactly what is covered. There’s nothing that can beat the peace of mind that comes with an extended warranty. An extended warranty also ensures replacement, but it offers further options to help women with out-of-pocket costs that arise from complications not always covered by the basic warranty. A complication from breast implants may arise when least expected—so knowing that a warranty comes with extra assistance can give women the reassurance they need after undergoing breast augmentation.


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