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My Favorite Surgeries:

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My Favorite Surgeries:

Patients often ask me what my favorite surgeries are.  Well, I’m pretty happy doing just about any surgery, but there are some which are more gratifying in their results, to both the patients and to me, as the surgeon.   The best procedures make a positive change (of course), don’t make the patient look “strange” or “different” and allow any scars to be hidden or very hard to detect.  Facelifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and the so-called “mommy make-overs” satisfy all of these criteria.  Let’s talk about these!

Facelifts are awesome!!  If done well, they turn back the hands of time a good 10 years, have a lasting effect and provide for a natural look.  Of course, the ageing process continues, but the patient will pretty-much always look a good 10 years younger than their real age, through time.  I’m not talking about the one hour “rent-a-facelift” that promises all sorts results but might only just get you through the holidays.  I’m talking about a pretty comprehensive, two-layer facelift with meticulously sutured wounds.

Tummy tucks (also known as abdominoplasties) are wonderful because they solve a problem (loose, hanging skin – maybe with stretch marks) that won’t go away significantly any other way than through excision and tightening of this loose skin.  Often the tuck is accompanied by liposuction of the surrounding areas, sometimes even the entire circumference of the torso, so that the body is essentially re-contoured.  Stretched out muscles might be tightened, too.  The scars are placed to fit under the panties or a swimsuit.  Viola!  The appropriate curves are back!

Breast augmentation can be SO attractive and long lasting.  This is especially true if the size the patient is going for is not too outlandishly big.  Sure, I have some patients who specifically WANT to look big, round and fake.  But most people just want to fill out a nice bra.  If the tissue is not stretched all out of proportion or dissected beyond the natural anatomical lines, the look should be sexy, natural and soft, and cause people to wonder………did she or didn’t she?

Mommy make-overs combine the tummy surgery and the breast surgery.  Patients many times seek this surgery after they have had their children.  Often the skin of the abdomen is loose and the breast tissue is deflated, so a combination of the surgeries rejuvenate these areas.  “Mommies” are likely to say that they are having these done because now it is “their turn”.  Yea!!

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