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Extreme Plastic Surgery: Total Transformation

Do It Once, Enjoy Spectacular Results

“Extreme” plastic surgeryundergoing multiple surgical procedures at one time. There are benefits of clustering procedures to achieve their transformation in one fell swoop; but what exactly are these benefits?

Several Angles of Woman's Face with Lines Showing Contours

Less Expensive and Less Downtime

Having multiple procedures performed at the same time costs less than having them performed individually. Why? Because most plastic surgeons (Dr. Guy included) discount each procedure during a transformation surgery. Their time is used more efficiently and they reciprocate by charging you less. In addition, there’s only one facility fee and one anesthesia fee. When you have procedures performed separately, these expenses are repeated each time. Having more than one procedure done at once means there’s only one recovery period, which translates to less time off from work or away from your regular routine.

You Get the Most Natural Look

This is perhaps the most important advantage of having multiple procedures done at one time. Here’s why: signs of aging, excess weight, sagging skin, and other surgical issues are not usually limited to one region of the face or body. In order to obtain the most cohesive, natural-looking results, many patients will benefit from subtle surgery on several areas, rather than dramatic improvements to a single area.

Address Multiple Facial Issues at Once

A facelift often is combined with eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing to achieve the greatest rejuvenation. There’s no sense eliminating jowls and a “turkey neck” with a neck lift if hooded eyelids are going to ruin the overall effect. A skin tightening laser treatment will bring it all togetherwhile removing brown spots and other surface irregularities.


A brow lift may also be added to rejuvenate the arch of the brows and smooth the wrinkles of the forehead and between the brows. Excess lateral eyelid skin hooding is also remedied. However, the most up-to-date thinking about facial rejuvenation emphasizes volume in addition to (or even instead of) tightening. The removal of sagging skin helps everyone, but for many women, that “tired” look has more to do with loss of facial fat volume than skin laxity. New volumizing fillers, such as Sculptra® Aesthetic or JUVÉDERM®, can add the needed volume either before, during, or after a facelift procedure. The result is a subtle, nuanced clarifying of the entire face.

Beauty Is All About Proportion

Patients who are bothered by an oversized nose may want to reanalyze with overall proportion in mind. Instead of just reducing and refining the nose, they could also choose to have a chin implant placed to balance the nose in profile. This improves overall facial proportion and results in a better aesthetic.

What About My Breasts?

Is it just breast enlargement that is needed, or do you need to also have a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) to get the effect you desire? Or if the breasts are too large, perhaps a reduction instead? Many times, we can also work on some of the excess tissue of the upper arms with liposuction or a “brachioplasty” (arm lift), creating full upper body rejuvenation.

Abdominoplasty and Liposuction Also Address Many Issues

While tightening lax abdominal tissues with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can produce dramatic results, even better contours can be achieved with liposuction of the circumference of the torso (those pesky back rolls) and the upper abdomen at the same time. This produces more full-body contouring rather than one-dimensional tightening. You could even add some recontouring of the hips and thighs with liposuction at the same time.

Body From Different Angles Showing Contour Lines

The Thighs Have It

Is it just some liposuction that is needed on the thighs or butt? Or is a lifting procedure going to help the legs and buttocks look younger and more svelte? A butt lift or thigh lift might be the answer. Procedures such as these remove lax, sagging skin and provide a smoother silhouette.

Your Best Interests Come First

First and foremost your best interests, well-being, and safety are of the utmost importance. Keeping you safe and healthy while achieving your aesthetic goals is Dr. Guy’s number-one priority. If combined procedures are right for you and do not increase risks unnecessarily, then Dr. Guy is quite comfortable with that. It’s her job to assess your individual situation and decide exactly what procedures will benefit you the most.

It’s Up to You

Ultimately, how extensive your surgery becomes is up to you. During your consultation, Dr. Guy will give you the benefit of her experience and aesthetic training. Her goal is not to talk you into having more surgery than you should, but to ensure that you could achieve the most pleasing and long-lasting results possible.

From fillers to BOTOX® Cosmetic, from skin care to lasers, from single surgeries to combination procedures, we at Brevard Plastic Surgery and Skin Treatment Center want you to look and feel the best you can. “We love our work, and it shows!”


When you’re ready for that consultation, give us a call at 321.727.1600 or fill out our online contact form! Come in for a “fact-finding” assessment. We can provide rejuvenation to fit every need and every budget.