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Get Abs of Steel With a Tummy Tuck

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Flab around the middle can be frustratingly difficult to get rid of. Workouts and diet definitely help, but a truly flat and defined tummy can often seem unattainable no matter how hard we work at it.

For people struggling to get the washboard abs they’ve always wanted, a tummy tuck can be the best way to create that sculpted look.

It’s no substitute for weight loss, but the surgery is great at flattening and defining abdominal muscles in a more extensive way.

A before and after image of a tummy tuck patient showing significant belly improvement.

What Causes Belly Fat?

The abdomen area is made up of firm muscles surrounded by softer tissue.

Fat can accumulate there for many reasons, including:

  • Unhealthy diet and lifestyle
  • Extreme stress
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Genetics

Tummy Tuck Procedure Steps

Step 1: Anesthesia

Tummy tuck surgery can take several hours for Dr. Guy to complete. She starts by administering anesthesia to keep patients comfortable. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis.

Step 2: Incisions

Dr. Guy will create an incision across the hipbones, just below the pubic area, with a second incision around the belly button. She uses shorter incisions when performing a mini-tummy tuck.

Step 3: Lift and Tighten

Dr. Guy lifts up the skin and separates it from the abdominal muscles, lifting it all the way to the ribs to create a large flap of skin. With a mini-tummy tuck, the skin is only lifted up until the navel.

The abdominal muscles are pulled together, stitched, and tightened for a flatter overall tummy.

Step 4: Stitch and Close

After tightening, Dr. Guy stretches the skin flap down, removing any extra skin left over. She crafts a new belly button and stitches it down before stitching together all incisions. A drain may be needed to remove excess fluid from incision sites.

Tummy tuck surgery can sometimes be combined with liposuction to remove extra fat and get tighter outlines. Dr. Guy will use liposuction along the upper side of the abdomen, the sides, and right above the pubic area for the best overall contours.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

A before and after image of a woman who has undergone tummy tuck surgery to correct skin and tissue laxity.

Sculpts and Defines

There’s no beating the definition that comes from a successful tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck surgery gives your abdominal muscles a chance to shine.

By tightening muscles and stretching skin, the muscles become more prominent, creating a truly sculpted appearance.

Restores Muscle Firmness

Some people struggle with a loss of firmness in their abdominal muscles, either through age or other factors. Pregnancy, in particular, can considerably weaken abdominal muscles, causing them to widen or even separate.

Tummy tuck surgery helps tighten muscles, restoring firmness and smoothness.

Slimmer, Fitter Profile

Remember “sucking in” your stomach to look thinner for photos? A flatter tummy instantly creates a slimmer profile, so having a tummy tuck can considerably help trim down your physique.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Image

Flab along the tummy can drastically affect your self-esteem. Even otherwise fit people can struggle with a “muffin top” from stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away.

With a tummy tuck, the flat tummy of your dreams becomes a reality. It will take several weeks to fully heal, but the final outcome is a permanently flatter, firmer belly that fits in beautifully with the rest of your body.

Want to Learn More About Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Contact us online or call our Melbourne, Florida, office at 321-727-1600 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Guy soon.

My Favorite Surgeries:

Art for blog March 2017

My Favorite Surgeries:

Patients often ask me what my favorite surgeries are.  Well, I’m pretty happy doing just about any surgery, but there are some which are more gratifying in their results, to both the patients and to me, as the surgeon.   The best procedures make a positive change (of course), don’t make the patient look “strange” or “different” and allow any scars to be hidden or very hard to detect.  Facelifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and the so-called “mommy make-overs” satisfy all of these criteria.  Let’s talk about these!

Facelifts are awesome!!  If done well, they turn back the hands of time a good 10 years, have a lasting effect and provide for a natural look.  Of course, the ageing process continues, but the patient will pretty-much always look a good 10 years younger than their real age, through time.  I’m not talking about the one hour “rent-a-facelift” that promises all sorts results but might only just get you through the holidays.  I’m talking about a pretty comprehensive, two-layer facelift with meticulously sutured wounds.

Tummy tucks (also known as abdominoplasties) are wonderful because they solve a problem (loose, hanging skin – maybe with stretch marks) that won’t go away significantly any other way than through excision and tightening of this loose skin.  Often the tuck is accompanied by liposuction of the surrounding areas, sometimes even the entire circumference of the torso, so that the body is essentially re-contoured.  Stretched out muscles might be tightened, too.  The scars are placed to fit under the panties or a swimsuit.  Viola!  The appropriate curves are back!

Breast augmentation can be SO attractive and long lasting.  This is especially true if the size the patient is going for is not too outlandishly big.  Sure, I have some patients who specifically WANT to look big, round and fake.  But most people just want to fill out a nice bra.  If the tissue is not stretched all out of proportion or dissected beyond the natural anatomical lines, the look should be sexy, natural and soft, and cause people to wonder………did she or didn’t she?

Mommy make-overs combine the tummy surgery and the breast surgery.  Patients many times seek this surgery after they have had their children.  Often the skin of the abdomen is loose and the breast tissue is deflated, so a combination of the surgeries rejuvenate these areas.  “Mommies” are likely to say that they are having these done because now it is “their turn”.  Yea!!

So come see us at Brevard Plastic Surgery and Skin Treatment Center.  We are located at 111 East Hibiscus Boulevard, Melbourne, Florida.  Call 321-727-1600 or visit our website at www.drguyplasticsurgery.com.  We would love to discuss options with you!  And keep an eye out for our specials:  we generally have good savings on fillers, Botox, laser hair removal and skin care treatments!  We love our work…..and it shows!!


It’s All About That Bass (Base?)!!


buttock statue, Chattanooga

Well, I have to admit I have been converted!  I just got back from a fantastic plastic surgery meeting in St. Louis, with lots of great information and innovation and bright ideas from great minds.  I can’t believe I am now ready to – drum roll here – FAT GRAFT THE BUTTOCKS!!   Really.  Seriously.  You have to understand, that I have spent the better part of my 31 year career trying to make that particular part of the anatomy smaller, not bigger!  And I am still not a fan of the huge, shelf-like, wide, massive back side.  But the beautifully sculpted, heart-shaped, full buttock has become the new (or once again new) erogenous zone, and truly is beautiful.  Plastic surgeons have now studied and learned the many different variations in that area of anatomy, what makes the buttock attractive and how the buttock ages.  And most importantly, what we can do to modify these things.   And just like breasts, buttocks come in all shapes and sizes.  And the variations in what patients want “back there” is just as numerous and varied, and can be greatly influenced by ethnicity, background and heritage.


The speakers at this meeting related that the new “mommy make-over” is more about liposuction of the trunk – front, back and sides – with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), AND with fat grafting to the upper buttock to provide a rounded, firm, athletic, yet sensuous look.  The breasts may also be operated (usually enlargement and uplift) during a mommy make-over, but the new emphasis is on the buttocks!  Go figure!!  Or, go get more figure!


The science and technique and SAFETY of fat grafting has made great strides, as well.  I have been using fat grafting to the aging face for some time now.  It truly enhances face-lifting and other types of facial rejuvenation procedures – GORGEOUS!!   And I have used fat grafting to the body and breasts to fill-in defects from previous surgery or cancers or simply from aging (see my previous blog from June 3, 2015 on “the missing ingredient – fat”).   But I finally “get” the buttock augmentation.  And I am thrilled with the power of our continued advances in a great anti-aging weapon – fat!!


Come in for a consult to hear about the possibilities.  See some pre-op and post-op photographs.  Check out our website at www.drguyplasticsurgery.com.  See our latest promotions on my previous blog “Fall Filler Fridays:.  Get a new look for the holidays.  We love our work…….and it shows!!

greek statue, side butt








And the Missing Ingredient Is…….FAT!!!

What is that all about? Of course, we all know what gourmet cooking is, so can we apply those standards to plastic surgery? I think we can! When I think about some of the cases I have had these past few months, there are several that required (and I am going to the dictionary for the gourmet definition) “high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation” or are “elaborately equipped for the preparation of fancy, specialized, or exotic results.”

Like the patient who had bilateral mastectomies and several breast reconstructions from several centers. She had a reasonable result, but just not a GREAT result – she still had some significant asymmetry. Or the one who had liposuction years previously and generally liked the contour, but felt there were a few areas where too much had been taken (and, by the way, the skin is now saggy, so can we do a tummy tuck?). Then there was the “I just need a touch up” facelift patient who needed tightening in some areas and volume in other areas. The cases are not always straightforward, or simple, or single procedures, or procedure combinations that are typically performed together. So, in a sense, they are “exotic” cases. How fun!! And what a surgical dream come true, to bring all your wits to the table to figure out how best to get the job done!

Fat Transfer in Melbourne, FL

Out with my favorite gourmand!

So, the breast reconstruction patient needed revisions on both sides, different size and shaped “form stable” or “gummy bear” implants, tissue rearrangement on both sides, and the special, missing ingredient…….FAT. The liposuction patient needed the tummy tuck, more suction of other areas, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and the magic ingredient for the contour defects……FAT. The facelift patient just needed a little tightening of the upper face and upper eyelids, but more importantly, needed the softening volume to her face from…….FAT!

Using one’s own fat for augmentation of areas in need of softening, volume, smoothing and even better tissue characteristics has finally come of age. There has been a veritable explosion of knowledge and technique associated with the art and science of fat grafting. We now know about the potential of fat “stem cells” to rejuvenate tissues. We know more about how to keep the fat alive. We now know better the numerous and complicated steps the technique requires to gain success. And we are still learning. Fat is the new frontier……and in a GOOD way!

FAT…it’s the icing on the cake, the secret sauce, the perfect seasoning. What a great time to be a plastic surgeon!

Dr. Roxanne Guy is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience helping her patients attain the beautiful results they desire. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Guy, please call us at 321-727-1600 or fill out our online contact form.