Beauty For Life with Dr. Roxanne Guy


Plastic surgeons are accustomed to treating people of all ages.  There are surgical procedures which typically are performed during certain stages of life.  With the advent of more non-invasive types of treatments, like facial wrinkle injectable fillers, Botox and other muscle relaxers, as well as very effective medical grade skin care, chemical peels and laser alternatives, plastic surgeons can effectively help a person look their best at any age.

The less invasive treatments will not prevent the aging process, nor substitute for a needed surgical procedure. Starting treatments early, and especially starting the dialogue about “Beauty for Life” early, however, can avoid some unnecessary and unwanted changes, or make the changes less dramatic – and less traumatic.  The recommendations might be nothing more that good skin care or healthy life-style changes – relatively easy things to do.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen patients for cosmetic procedures and wished that I had been able to advise them sooner about their particular issue.  As a plastic surgeon, I have the exciting advantage of knowing and observing first-hand which beauty needs are satisfied with skin products, which with injectables, and which with surgery.  Even more rewarding, I am trained to provide all of these different modalities, if and when they are needed. As a physician interested in “wellness” medicine, I know the life-style habits that can help the face and body look and feel best, whether it is treatment for acne, scars, wrinkles, loose skin, post pregnancy changes, menopause, weight gain or sun damage.

As President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2007, I helped shepherd an initiative to educate the public about this continuum of health and beauty care.  I would love to see you in consultation to make an assessment of the best habits and treatments specifically to fit your needs.  It’s not about beauty for a day, for a week, for a month – it’s about beauty for life.