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Category: Plastic Surgery

Politically Incorrect Breast Blog

The fascination with Breasts


Breasts, boobs, hooters, tits, ta-tas, jugs, melons, knockers, gazongas, bazookas – whatever!  They have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time.  And to think they are nothing but modified sweat glands!  Call it some deep primal longing, an oral fixation or an appendage of motherhood – breasts are important symbols of gender, sexuality, nurturing and femininity.  Great effort goes into saving them, enhancing them, reconstructing them, protecting them and monitoring them.

Breast Maintenance

Okay, we have been talking about Beauty for Life on these blogs, right?  So, how do you keep your breasts looking beautiful for life?  You don’t.  At least, not without some maintenance.  Just like the rest of you, your breasts will age, be affected by health, weight change, hormone change, pregnancy and inevitable time.  But you can be pro-active and do the most you can.  Get those mammograms and yearly exams, stay active and healthy, maintain a healthy weight and do your monthly breast self-exams.  If you decide to get a breast augmentation, uplift or reconstruction, it also helps to make the right decisions early on.  For those decisions, I have three words for you: NOT TOO BIG.

Decisions, Decisions….. 

I have the advantage of watching breast implant trends over 30 years of practice.  And I have enjoyed the surgery and the outcomes and how it can increase a woman’s self-esteem and confidence.  When I was in residency training, we thought a size 275 cc implant was WAY huge.  Now, especially in the warmer states like Florida, implants in the size range of 400 cc or more are common.  Interestingly, in the Northeastern states and in some countries in Europe, implant size tends to be much smaller.

Current trends in breast augmentation surgery:

Now, the current overall national USA trend is to go smaller than in recent years.  This change is scientifically based on studying breast augmentation outcomes on hundreds of patients over time.  Careful attention to breast measurements, the integrity of the tissue and skin tightness or laxity, and fitting the correct implant bio-dimensionally to the patient’s own, unique and individual body, are the prevailing current practices.  If the implant is too large for the body or for the type of tissue you are trying to fill, it will prematurely age the breasts, stretch them out and make a “re-do” more difficult.  It might be fun and thrilling to be one of the very large breasted women for a while – with all the attention that may bring, but you may pay for that attention later on.

Breast implant exchange, breast uplift (mastopexy) and breast revision:

I see and do many breast “re-dos”.  Yes, I know you want your breasts to look like they did when you first had your implants  –  but, maybe that was two kids, twenty years and twenty pounds ago.  Work with me, here, people!  There is fantasy and there is reality.  My job is to understand your fantasy, but translate that into reality – and a beautiful, natural look.  Breast augmentation should be fun and attractive and exciting, and it is!!  Let’s just do our best to make sure it isn’t harmful or deforming or demeaning!

“We can make you awesome Breasts, but you must use their power only for good!”

A quick look through the urban dictionary gives several hilarious and several snarky definitions for “tits”.  From “Proof of the existence of God” to “Something to look at when talking to women” to “Women’s secret source of power over men.  Having the right tits often results in social and economic gain.”  Really?  Do you really want to be defined by your breasts?

It’s important to keep your perspective on this.  Women, you are MORE than your breasts!!!!  I can help you with this perspective and best choices for the long term – for your breast “Beauty for Life”.  You can contact us on my website at www.drguyplasticsurgery.com or by phone, at 321-727-1600.



Looking Plastic





Frequently asked plastic surgery questions:

I thought about making this blog an FAQ blog, since there are certain questions that I get asked ALL the time. But I think we need to get more specific, here, and talk about questions, myths and fears surrounding the meaning and connotation of the word “plastic” as it relates to Plastic Surgery.

No, we don’t use plastic:

No, we don’t use, inject, implant or need plastic to do our surgery. The name Plastic Surgery was actually derived from the Greek word “Plasticos”, which means to shape or form. We are trained to surgically shape, mold and form tissues that are damaged or altered. Sure, we sometimes use implants that contain some plastic, or use some products or instruments which have some plastic components, but that’s as far as it goes.


A beautiful, natural, refreshed look:

And having plastic surgery does not mean you will look “plastic”, or unlike yourself or unnatural. The last thing I want is for people to look at someone and say, “oh, look, they must have had a Dr. Guy facelift” (or eyelid lift or whatever). Ewww! Medicine is both science and art – especially plastic surgery. The best practitioners do not leave a telltale clue that “work” has been done. The art is to create a better look, not necessarily a different look … and certainly not an odd or not-quite-human look! Of course there are some deformities that call for a drastic change. I’m not talking about those types of reconstructions. I’m talking about cosmetic or aesthetic surgery here.


Training and technique is paramount:

For example, having a facelift does not mean you will look like you just came out of a wind tunnel. As I mentioned in a previous blog, there must be 50 ways to do a facelift. My favorite method is to lift skin, reposition the underlying muscles, fat pads and connective tissues to their pre-aging position and then to re-drape the skin over the improved foundation. So the poor skin is not called upon to do all the supporting of the underlying sagging structures – thus creating a beautiful, natural, non-pulled look. And scars should be fine and hidden in natural skin creases or anatomic crevices or among hair follicles. They should not be noticeable.

No, we’re not in Hollywood, Toto:


And obviously – we are not in Hollywood! From a plastic surgery standpoint, Hollywood really is another world. It’s a world of entertainment, EXTREMES and hype. Please don’t look at the movie stars and think that what they are having done is mainstream, because it isn’t.   Any plastic surgeon worth her salt assesses not just the patient, but the patient’s environment, employment, life-style, activities and goals. I know my goals are not the same as, say, Kim Kardashian’s. And I have spent a good bit of my life trying to make hind-ends smaller, not bigger! So, beware of the latest Hollywood trends. They may go out as fast as the newest “stars”.

A rose by any other name….


So, is there a better name than Plastic Surgery? Some use cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, or reconstructive surgery. This specialty’s name has been around since 1839. The stuff we call plastics – engineering material made from petroleum – didn’t come around until 70 years later. A plastic repair of a nose was first mentioned in an Ancient Egyptian medical text, dated from 3000 to 2500 BC. I think the name is just fine!!  It’s up to you to do your homework and find the plastic surgeon well-trained to give you that beautiful, refreshed, natural look.  Come see us!!


Beauty for Life, Retirement and Competition

BEAUTY FOR LIFE in Melbourne, Florida

Beauty – Not Just Skin Deep

The philosophy of my practice is to provide options for Beauty for Life…… not only for outward, physical beauty……… but also for fitness, relevance, vitality, strength and “engagement-in-life” beauty. More than ever, I see patients who want to be active, healthy, social and community-minded long after the so-called “retirement” years. Indeed, since the recession of 2007 and on, many people are deciding just NOT to retire, to delay retirement or to move on to a totally new career They need strategies to maintain the strength to work, the looks and attitude and skills to stay competitive and the best ways to optimize their personal health and well-being.

Exercise, Anti-Aging, Supplements, Healthy Eating……..AND Plastic Surgery!!

So, I do spend some time with my patients discussing overall health. The real killers of vitality I see every day are stress, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, excessive sun damage and addiction. OK, I get it that you came to me for liposuction and a tummy-tuck (NOT for a lecture!!!!), but wouldn’t it be great to get a big dose of motivation and smart plans for maintaining that new body? Don’t you want to protect your investment? After all, I did do several years of medical school to learn about other things besides surgery – and good health is everyone’s major source of wealth. Without health, happiness is almost impossible. All those other lofty goals I mentioned earlier get much tougher without health.

A Personal Journey

And I have some ongoing personal experience with these things. I have always struggled with weight and certain food addictions. Exercise used to bore me. I had to face the music myself in regards to “turning my life around” health-wise. Standing in surgery all day in weird, head and body twisting positions is a very physical activity. It was beginning to hurt…… a lot! To continue to do what I love to do, I had to get stronger, and lighter and cleaner. Enter my anti-aging physician, Dr. Rebecca Hunton, with bio-identical hormone therapy, science-based supplements and cleaner eating strategies. Enter my Pilates instructor, Cassandra Welch, from Beachside Health Studio, with a fun way to strengthen my “core” for those long hours in the operating room. Enter my own rockin’-body husband, Curt Guy, who taught me how to ride (at least acceptably) a road bicycle and get involved in Gran Fondo Brevard, Space Coast Velo Sports St. Patty’s

On a bicycle trip in Italy

On a bicycle trip in Italy

Metric Century Ride and other events. Enter our skin care specialists and laser/electrology specialists to keep my skin nice (and hairless!!) And enter the support and love from many like-minded friends (you know who you are)! And, OK, yes, I HAVE had some plastic surgery!!! Why not?

More on Beauty for Life to Come

So, let me hear from you! This blog will have many phases. I am happy to write all day about plastic surgery, but I can also write about other beauty options. Let me know what you want to hear about. There is a “contact us” right here on this website. Drop us an e-mail!!

The Demand For Cosmetic Surgery

I  was humbled and excited to be part of a recent article that was featured in Florida Today, about  the pent-up demand for cosmetic surgery that I and many of my plastic surgery colleagues are experiencing.  Read about the most common and popular plastic surgical procedures for both men and women.  One of my own patients who had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with liposuction is featured.  Find out her story. I think you will find it interesting. http://www.drguyplasticsurgery.com/_pdf/FloridaToday.pdf

Roxanne Guy, M.D.

Extreme Plastic Surgery in Melbourne Florida

Plastic Surgery -Total Transformation

Do It Once, Enjoy Spectacular Results

It’s been called “extreme” plastic surgery – undergoing multiple surgical procedures at one time. But what’s truly extreme about it are the advantages patients can realize by clustering their plastic surgery to achieve their transformation in one fell swoop.

It’s Less Expensive

Having multiple procedures performed at the same time costs less than having them performed individually. Why? Because most plastic surgeons (myself included) discount each individual procedure during a “transformation” surgery. Our time is used more efficiently and we reciprocate by charging you less. In addition, there’s only one facility fee and one anesthesia fee. When you have procedures performed separately, these expenses are repeated each time.

There’s Less Downtime

Having more than one procedure done at once means there’s only one recovery period, which translates into less time off from work or away from your regular routine.

You Get the Most Natural Look

This is perhaps the most important advantage of having multiple procedures done at one time. Here’s why: The signs of aging, excess weight, skin sagging and other surgical issues, generally aren’t limited to one region of the face or body. In order to obtain the most cohesive, natural-looking result, many patients will benefit from subtle surgery to several adjacent areas, rather than dramatic improvements in a single area.

Facelifts Address Many Issues

For example, a facelift often is combined with eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing to achieve the greatest rejuvenation. There’s no sense eliminating jowls and “turkey neck” if hooded eyelids are going to ruin the overall effect. And a skin tightening laser treatment will bring it all together – while removing brown spots and other surface irregularities. A browlift may also be added to rejuvenate the aesthetic arch of the brows and smooth the wrinkles of the forehead and between the brows. Excess lateral eyelid skin hooding is also remedied.

Beauty Is All About Proportion

Patients who are bothered by an oversized nose often re-analyze with overall proportion in mind. Instead of just reducing and refining the nose, they opt for a chin implant to balance the nose in profile. This improves overall facial proportion and results in a more ideal aesthetic outcome.

Facial Volume Improvement

The most up-to-date thinking about facial rejuvenation emphasizes volume as well as, or even instead of, tightening. Removing lax skin helps everyone, but for many women that “tired” look has more to do with loss of subcutaneous fullness than skin laxity. The new volumizing fillers, such as Sculptra, can add the needed fullness either before, after or during the face lifting procedures. The result is a subtle, nuanced clarifying of the entire face.

Abdominoplasties and Liposuction also Address Many Issues

While tightening the lax tissue of the tummy can produce a dramatic result, even better contour may be achieved by liposuction of the circumference of the torso (those pesky back rolls) and the upper abdomen at the same time. This produces more of a full body “contouring”, instead of a unidimensional tightening. Or how about adding some recontouring of the hips and thighs with liposuction at the same time?

What about the Breasts?

Is it just breast enlargement that is needed, or do you need to also have an uplift (also known as mastopexy) to get the nicest, most rejuvenated breast lifted effect? Or if the breasts are too large, perhaps a reduction? And many times we can work on some of the excess tissue of the upper arms with liposuction or a tightening procedure known as “brachioplasty” or arm lift, creating a full upper body rejuvenation.

The thighs have it

And is it just some liposuction that is needed on the outer or inner thighs or the areas around the lateral buttock? Or is a lifting procedure going to help the legs and buttocks look younger and more svelte? Lateral thigh and buttock lifting or medial thigh lifting might be the answer.

Your Best Interests Come First

First and foremost, your best interests, well-being and SAFETY are of paramount importance. Keeping you safe and healthy while achieving the desired goals of plastic surgery is my number-one priority. If combined procedures are right for you and not unduly increasing risks, then I am quite comfortable with that. It’s my job to assess your individual situation and decide just how much is right for you.

It’s Up to You

How extensive your aesthetic surgery becomes is up to you. During our consultation, I’ll give you the benefit of my experience and aesthetic training. My goal is not to talk you into having more surgery than you should, but to ensure that you achieve the most pleasing and long-lasting results possible.

When you’re ready for that consultation, give us a call! Come in for a “fact-finding” assessment. We can provide a rejuvenation to fit every need and every budget, as well as considering how much “down time” you can take.

From fillers to Botox, from skin care to lasers, from single surgeries to combination procedures, we at Brevard Plastic Surgery and Skin Treatment Center want you to look and feel the best you can. “We love our work. . . . and it shows!!!”

Roxanne Guy, M.D
Melbourne, Florida